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About Us:

Growing up on a farm, Karl learned early on to run
the tractors. By the age of 9 he was running the
tractor by himself.

After high school, Karl decided he wanted to be an
Heavy Equipment operator. His first job was with
Mohr Excavating where he learned first hand how to
run dozers and excavators and rock trucks as they
reclaimed lots of well sites, built roads and
dug ponds among other jobs.

He also ran heavy equipment for Hoy Construction
along with T & D Excavating. On those jobs he
ran some pretty Big machines including the
huge Cat Excavators, Caterpillar D-8 dozers and
Cat's brand new Experimental D-7 dozer.

Dave has been running Heavy Equipment since the
early 1970's where he was a heavy equipment operator
at Hatfield Power Station running backhoes, dump
trucks, wheel and track loaders from the cat 977
to the massive Cat 988 loader. After that he has ran
various pieces of heavy equipment at Cumberland Mine,
including dozers, front end loaders backhoes,
mini excavators and all sorts of rail equipment.

Our ad as it appeared in the March issue of the Greene Saver:

KC Excavating
First intrigued with machinery as a child, Karl Cole was driving tractors on his own at the age of nine years. By the time he graduated high school, he knew what he was destined to do. Karl wanted to operate heavy equipment. On his first job out of school he learned to run dozers, excavators and rock trucks.  “We reclaimed lots of well sites, built roads and dug ponds among other jobs,” Karl remembers.

With extensive on-the-job experience under his belt, Karl had become a skilled operator and gained a valuable knowledge of the business. That’s when his entrepreneurial spirit kicked in, and KC Excavating was born. Located at 180 Kovalcheck Road in Carmichaels, KC Excavating is the perfect choice for home owners looking for an affordable option for a variety of excavating, hauling and land services. “No job is too small,” Karl assures his customers.

Common jobs include grubbing, excavating, road building, gravel hauling, pond building, custom hauling, digging ditches and foundations, bush hogging, bulldozing, snow plowing, drainage ditches and retaining walls.

You can also hire KC Excavating for demolition of small buildings or houses, including the hauling away of debris and recovery of the site. KC also hauls gravel, sand, and dirt for your own projects. In fact, if you want to be your own operator, you can rent mini excavators from KC Excavating as well.

And all of these things come at very affordable rates.  Most customers are pleasantly surprised when they hear KC Excavating’s low prices. Their long list of satisfied customers continues to grow, as KC Excavating continues performing quality work according to its customers’ specs. And, most rewarding of all - they stay on the job until it’s done. Call KC Excavating for a free estimate on your next project or to learn more about rental equipment at 724-966-5374. You can also visit them on the web at

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Business Office: 724 - 966 - 5374
Dave and Karl Cole,
Carmichaels, Pa.