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For renting our Kubota KX 161-3 Compact ( mini) excavator:
(see our equipment page, link above, to find out the specs for the excavator,) Our rental rates are cheaper than any of the other
equipment rental business in this area. We are willing to work with
you in case rain spoils your plans or other unforeseen events may occur.

* There is a $50 delivery and additional $50 pick up fee.
(within 25 mile radius, $2.00 a mile charge over 25 miles.)

* A $100 cleaning fee will be charged if it is deemed
the equipment is not returned in the same cleaned
manner that it was delivered.

* Rent for Daily Use:      $300.00

* Rent for more than 1 day is  $250.00 a day

* Rent for Weekly (7 days) Use:  $1100.00

We can provide an operator with the machine which will
be $80 and hour for machine and operator. This is depending upon
the job, some jobs may be more, some may be less.

Machine will come filled with fuel, it will be returned back to
us filled with fuel. For homeowners, we can provide diesel fuel at our cost.

* Renting our John Deere 4320 Compact tractor with loader
is $200 per day. This is a dandy little machine with 4 wheel
drive and takes the place of a skid steer. There are 2 advantages
with this tractor, the turf tires do not tear up your lawn, and
the tractor moves material much faster than a skid steer would.

The tractor is a gem to drive with an automatic transmission,
in fact if you can drive a golf cart, you can drive this machine.
It has an infinite number of speeds, push a pedal and it goes.

There is a $50 delivery and pickup charge. You will be responsible for
filling it with fuel before pickup.

Rent Daily $200

Rent for Weekly use: $900

*  Gravel delivery: We can provide you with an extensive variety of
gravel in all sizes, dump it or tail gate for your driveway. For most
deliveries the cost of gravel, delivery and tax is $250 to 300.
This rate may go higher depending upon how far we have to go.

(It also depends upon the type of gravel you purchase, for instance,
Pea Stone or very large rip rap is much more expensive at the quarry
than 2B, or crusher run).

You will get approximately 8 to 9  tons per truckload.

We also have triaxle truck deliveries which carry 24 tons
A general cost for a triaxle load is &550 to 600, depending
upon distance we have to haul it.
*  We can haul on our trailer up to 12,000 pounds and 20 feet in length.
Hauling fees are $3.50 for light loads and $4.00 for heavy loads,
per loaded mile, we do not charge for return empty miles. There
is a minimum of $100.00. These rates are some of the most reasonable
you will find in the industry.

*  Rates for our other services are always on a job
to job basis. Factors which determine our rates
include: distance, ease of job, whether we will
need to rent other equipment for the job, amount
of hours needed to complete the job, etc.

We try to keep our rates at a Very Reasonable
minimum for you. Most of our customers are very pleased with
the low prices we charge, and with the quality of work we do for them.

Give us a call and we will be happy to provide you
with a Free estimate on the job you are considering.

We usually provide an estimate on the job and not
on hours taken to do it, this way we are Saving you money.
Custom mowing is usually on an hourly basis.

You can contact KC Excavating:

724 - 998 - 1939 Karl Cell

724 - 966 - 5374 Business Office

724 - 998 - 7387 Dave Cell