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                 KC Excavating:

   Complete Excavating & Trucking Services
             Driveways & Gravel Hauling


Got a ditch to dig or a hillside to grub out,
custom road made, or perhaps you just need
some dirt moved or excavation work done?

We've got you covered and we can move your dirt,
dig your ditch, clean your fields, or haul your equipment ....

How about a Driveway Make Over?  If your tired of the mud,
having your car sink and tracking mud into the house, we specialize in
gravel driveway make-overs!

               All for Very Reasonable pricing.

And, KC Excavating will do it to your Satisfaction.

No job too small. Perfect for home owners.
We have hundreds of satisfied customers in Greene,
Fayette, Washington & Allegheny counties.

   Check out the services we can do for you by clicking on
the Services link at the top of this page.

With our mini excavator we only put a very small amount
of pressure on your lawn which means less
soil is torn up doing the job.

We are the Perfect choice for home owners who
just need a small job done but are unwilling to
pay a big contractor big money.

We have a lot of satisfied customers, because we
do the job to your specs and we do it so you are
always satisfied. If not, we will make it right for you.

Give us a call today and get your free estimate
on the job you want to get done.

That job you've wanted done is only a phone call away.
Save your back from torture and all that hard work.

Call us today.

Business Office: 724 - 966 - 5374
Karl Cell: 724 - 998 - 1939
Dave Cell: 724 - 998 - 7387
Dave and Karl Cole,
Carmichaels, Pa.

Our prices are exceptionally reasonable. You'll wonder
how you ever lived without us.....

Customer Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

We want to Serve You!

Fully Insured!

This is a family owned business. We work hard
and know what hard work is all about. We understand
that you work hard for you money and don't want
to spend it then get a poor quality service for your money.

What we don't do:
* Rip you off
* Leave before the work is done and you are satisfied.

Give KC Excavating a try, we promise you will be
pleased with your choice of contractors.